Jody's profile picture 2-2014, long hair-CAM00079-1Hey Parents!  Want your child to feel better with fewer symptoms, reduce prescription medication, and have more energy to enjoy life?  We want to help!! 

Jody K. Roblyer, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner- Board Certified (PNP-BC), RN, MS, Health Coach, FAARFM (Fellow in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine)

Monarch Holistic Healing, Founder and Owner

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Heal Yourself – Transform the World

Thank you for visiting my web site, Maryland Alternative Care for Kids.

Monarch Holistic Healing is the business name of my health care practice.  Confused?  I started out with Maryland Alternative Care for Kids as the future name of my practice, created this website, and later realized that I didn’t want to be confined to children.  I have been combining pediatric clinical practice with teaching in nursing and to nurse practitioner students for over 30 years and I love doing both.   We offer:

  • improved health to children for fewer symptoms, less prescription meds, and more energy to enjoy life by using alternative medicine and health coaching
  • improved health and energy for adults using lifestyle coaching
  • health and wellness programs to business
  • education courses, seminars, and various ways to teach health for children and adults

Blogs: Check out our blogs.  They are divided into 2 categories- Children’s Health Care and Coaching.  Many are in both categories.  Coaching blogs are more general to health and wellness for all.  Children’s Health Care is more specific to pediatric-oriented illnesses and parenting issues.  Please read them and share your comments.

View this 7 minute video about my practice (new name- Monarch Holistic Healing) on YouTube Here!

Children:  Our specialty is integrating mind, body, and spirit for children with chronic health problems.  I write blogs about the general issues that all children face and specific blogs that relate to children with chronic medical problems.  Parents get individualized and family-centered care to elevate their child’s health.  We combine the principles of health coaching with alternative medicine for deeper healing.  Children and parents set healthy goals and receive a comprehensive management plan based on complementary and alternative health treatments.  They also get the advantages of health and wellness coaching to reach their goals.

Adults:  As your health coach, we collaborate with you to design your own personal health program.  You set your own goals for healthy mind, body and spirit.  Growth is at your own pace.  We honor your personal values.  We believe that every person is whole and complete.  We also acknowledge through personal and professional experiences that life can be hard and we all need help along the way.  We assist and guide you through the process and help you face and overcome barriers to be your most healthy.

Contact Us!!!  We love phone calls and emails!!  Free 30 minute strategy/coaching session to parents and adults 18 years of age or older.

Business:  Monarch Holistic Healing offers consultation to businesses for employee health and wellness.  We engage in community events and speak at schools, local, and national organizations on health and wellness topics.

Education:  As we move forward, we are adding in various and creative ways of providing educational opportunities to learn about health and wellness.  We will post them here on our website, in our e-zine, and on our Face Book PageContact Us to be placed on our e-zine list.

I am honored that you allow me into your life’s struggles and successes,

Coach PNP Jody

Our practice at Monarch Holistic Healing reflects our beliefs in… freedom of choice, transparency, and integrity… by being a good listener, by having a positive attitude, and by bringing knowledge and organization… to provide holistic health, to develop an individualized treatment plan, to teach health and wellness from within, and to allow exploration and growth of self and spirit… in a caring, safe, and open environment of ongoing support.